has wide range of stainless steel grills, iron hot plate and many more. Find grills and bbq tool set.

Liberty 18 Piece Tool Set

Liberty 18 Piece BBQ Tool Set

Stainless Steel Grade: SS430 1 x Tongs 1 x Spatula (with serrated edge) 1 x Knife (8” blade) 1 x Basting Brush 1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x Fork 4 x Skewers 8 x Corn Holders Case Dimensions: 48cm x 24cm x 8cm

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Liberty Rain Covers

Liberty BBQ Covers

Dimensions: 1160 X 575 X 965 (MM) Fits most 2 burner BBQs Dimensions: 1425 X 630 X 1220 (MM) Fits most 4 burner BBQs Dimensions: 1570 X 630 X 1150 (MM) Fits most 5 burner BBQs

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Liberty Chef S3 Cast Iron Hot Plate

Chef S3 Hot Plate

Switch up your Liberty Chef S3 grills for cast iron hot plates to make your BBQ more versatile! Material: Cast Iron Dimensions: 386 x 172 x 20 mm

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Liberty Portable Charcoal Grill (with optional Motorized Skewers)

Charcoal Portable

The Liberty Portable Charcoal Grill comes with an optional motorized rotating 8 piece skewer set and has 4 extendable legs. Easy to use and portable, you can throw bbq parties in the park or at home! Chrome-plated Steel Grill Removable motorised skewer set using 4 x AA batteries 8 skewers Aluminium Alloy Firebox Removable Drip Tray Removable charcoal grate Foldable Legs [...]

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Liberty Cooler Bag Charcoal BBQ Grill

Liberty Cooler Bag Grill 3

The Liberty Cooler Bag Charcoal BBQ Grill is a handy little barbecue you can take with you anywhere, while keeping your ingredients cool and fresh at the same time! • Most convenient travel-size grill • A built-in cooler pack enables you to keep everything on ice • Easy to Carry with adjustable padded shoulder strap [...]

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Liberty BBQ Ball Grill

    This cute little BBQ Ball Grill from Liberty is perfect for picnics in the garden, or getting a simple barbie going in the balcony. Grill Type: Charcoal Grill Colour: Green & Black Finishing: Powder-Coated Features: Easily Assembled, Easily Cleaned Cooking Area: 34cm diameter

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Liberty BBQ Covers

BBQ cover

Available Sizes: •2 burner hooded •3 burner hooded •3&4 burner hooded •3 burner flat-top •4 burner flat-top

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Lava Rocks Tray

lava rocks tray

Switch your flame tamer over to a lava rocks tray for that extra smokey BBQ aroma! •44cm (L) x 31.5cm (W) x 4cm (H) fits 4 burners •44cm (L) x 39cm (W) x 4cm (H) fits 6 burners (Comes with Lava Rocks)

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Liberty BBQ Brush

liberty bbq brush

Short handle dual grill brush with grill scrubber pad.

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Liberty Wok Topper

Wok Topper

The Liberty Wok Topper is great for grilling seafood, vegetables and stir fry! The porcelain coating makes it easy to clean too. Easy to clean Made of metal; porcelain-coated Approx size 12″x12″

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